Lighting the path to the future.
From our humble beginnings in Japan, our business operations now span the globe. Today's borderless society calls for a global focus. We now have overseas offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Bangkok.


Our Customers' Printing Company of Choice

In this age of exponential growth in information and telecommunication technology, we are faced with a quickly changing business environment and the rapid spread of new computing technologies. At HOTARU, Ltd., we continue to respond to such changes by investing in data and information processing technologies and by offering supplementary services that help us to meet the needs of our customers.

As the needs of society continue to diversify and new value is created, we continue to offer novel but practical applications for the intellectual capital (corporate data and information) of our customers by combining a deep understanding of these data and information with leading-edge technology, printing technology, and the creativity of our employees.

As part of our CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts in environmental conservation and information management, we operate an accredited environmental management system, and our proprietary quality management system continues to earn us the trust of our customers.

We look forward to fulfilling the ever-evolving needs of all our customers for many years to come.

President Takashi Ariki

Management Philosophy

Encouraged to keep stepping forward into new challenges

We set the goal to sustain the company endlessly into the future, passing it forward to new generations. To make an appropriate profit, contribute to the tax system, and provide our employees with a fair salary. Always proceeding forward, giving rise to new achievements, and actively creating a steadfast company.

Serving for the prosperity of our customers

Our own prosperity is reflected in the realization of our customers’ prosperity. Therefore, we associate with quality people and quality companies, doing business while thinking about customer desires and needs. We aim to challenge ourselves with difficult and rewarding work, and be a company which sets the tone in the industry through our techniques and services.

Practicing management with vitality

In order to accommodate the changes in the world, we’re already looking ahead and gathering information. Thinking about the ratio of people to machines, and striking a good balance between the equipment and the skill necessary to operate it. We are putting into practice a flexible management style which can match any kind of environment. Thus, we invest in worker training and development.

Maturing together with our employees

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. We want our employees to aim for a healthy and abundant existence, and have enthusiasm & a desire to enrich their own lives. Our desire is for employees to find enjoyment doing work they are impassioned about in a friendly and clean environment. To that end, we cherish harmony and wholeness so that employees can work with a good feeling.

Giving back to society

With the idea of giving back to those to whom we are indebted, we dedicate our efforts to philanthropy--not for our own sake, but for the sake of those around us. We keep stepping forward to make a company that is relied upon and loved by both society as a whole and customers alike.

Company Overview

Company Name:
Head Office:
1-13-3 Hamaguchi-nishi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0006, Japan
TEL: +81-6-6676-1900
FAX: +81-6-6676-5522
Management Representatives:
President Takashi Ariki
September, 1954
September, 1959
10 million JPY
Main Financing Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Taisho Ward Branch)
Number of employees
75 (as of March, 2021)
manual solution services, creating of manual, printing
Client company industries
machinery, electric appliances, transport equipment, industrial equipment etc.
Group Companies


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1-13-3 Hamaguchi-nishi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0006, Japan

3 minutes walk from Sumiyoshitaisha Station (Nankai Main Line)
15 minutes walk from Tamade Station (Osaka Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line)
5 minutes walk from Sumiyoshitoriimae Station (Hankai Tramway Hankai Line)

Corporate History

September, 1954
Founded (in Nakano-cho, Unagidani, Minami ward, Osaka)
September, 1959
Hotaru Printing Co., Ltd., established
April, 1960
Head Office relocated to Minami Sumiya-cho, Minami ward, Osaka, and Nishinari Factory established (Matsu, Nishinari ward, Osaka)
December, 1970
Hotaru Printing Sumiyoshi Factory established (Misaki, Sumiyoshi ward, Osaka)
August, 1972
Sumiyoshi Factory integrated with Nishinari Factory
February, 1980
Hotaru Printing Kita Horie Branch established (Kita Horie, Nishi ward, Osaka)
July, 1982
Head Office relocated to Honden, Nishi ward, Osaka
Integrated with Kita Horie Branch
May, 1990
Hotaru Printing Nishinari Distribution Center established (Matsu, Nishinari ward, Osaka)
August, 1996
Head Office, Factory, Distribution Center integrated and relocated (Minamiokajima, Taisho ward, Osaka)
September, 1996
Hotaru Printing Distribution Center established (Honden, Nishi ward, Osaka)
May, 2002
Hotaru Printing Shanghai Office established (Gu Bei Road, Shanghai)
December, 2002
Acquired ISO 14001:1996 certification
September, 2003
September, 2004
August, 2005
Hotaru Next Literacy Co., Ltd., established (Kawadacho, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo)
March, 2006
Acquired E3PA certification
Hotaru Printing Tokyo Office established (Kawadacho, Shinjuku ward, Tokyo)
April, 2006
Acquired ISO 14001:2004 certification
September, 2006
Acquired PrivacyMark certification
February, 2007
Head Office relocated to Shinmachi, Nishi ward, Osaka
May, 2007
Hotaru Corporation Co., Ltd., established (Minamiokajima, Taisho ward, Osaka)
August, 2007
Hotaru Printing Tokyo Office relocated (Iidabashi, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
Hotaru Next Literacy Co., Ltd., relocated (Iidabashi, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
November, 2007
Acquired FSC (COC) certification
December, 2007
HOTARU INTERNATIONAL TRADING(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD. (Shenzhen) established (Nanhu Road, Shenzhen)
June, 2008
HOTARU (THAILAND) CO., LTD., established (Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok)
July, 2008
September, 2009
Hotaru Printing Tokyo Co., Ltd., established (Iidabashi, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)
(Tokyo Office and Hotaru Next Literacy Co., Ltd., integrated)
June, 2011
HOTARU (THAILAND) CO., Ltd., relocated (Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok)
September, 2011
Hotaru Corporation Co., Ltd., relocated (Honden, Nishi ward, Osaka)
December, 2011
HOTARU INTERNATIONAL TRADING(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD. relocated (Lian Hang Road, Minhang Qu, Shanghai)
September, 2013
Hotaru Printing Tokyo Co., Ltd., changed to Hotaru Printing Tokyo Branch
October, 2013
Firefly Creation Shanghai Co., Ltd., established (Huakou Road, Hongkou Qu, Shanghai)
August, 2014
Received Japan Color certification
Hotaru Printing Tokyo Branch integrated with Head Office
January, 2016
Head Office relocated to Hamaguchi-nishi, Suminoe ward, Osaka
Hotaru Corporation Co., Ltd., relocated (Hamaguchi-nishi, Suminoe ward, Osaka)
May, 2016
Taisho Factory relocated and integrated with Head Office
July, 2018
Firefly Creation Shanghai Co., Ltd. was integrated with HOTARU INTERNATIONAL TRADING(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD.
August, 2018
HOTARU INTERNATIONAL TRADING(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD. relocated (Heng Nan Lu, Minhang Qu, Shanghai)
60th anniversary of the establishment of Hotaru Printing Co., Ltd.
Came under the corporate umbrella of GRACE TECHNOLOGY, INC.
Company name changed to HOTARU, LTD.
Hotaru Corporation Co., Ltd., integrated with Head Office

We understand and value the importance of earning the trust of our customers.

We seek to build a relationship of trust and a joint sense of direction with our customers while providing a wide range of information, goods and services that will assist our customers in realizing their corporate and marketing strategies.

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