Personal Information Protection Policy

Basic Principle Underlying Personal Information Protection

HOTARU, Ltd., (hereinafter, "the Company") establishes this basic policy on personal information protection in order to protect the Company's information assets and the information assets of customers entrusted to the Company as part of our business activities centered around printed material as an information transmission medium. This policy shall serve to protect such information assets from various risks and threats such as leakage, alteration, loss, destruction, obstruction of use, etc., through necessary protection means and appropriate safety measures, and the Company will exert utmost effort to protect personal information appropriately.

Established April 12, 2006
Revised September 1, 2010
Takashi Ariki, Representative Director, HOTARU, Ltd.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. Formulation of "Personal Information Protection Regulations" and Continuous Improvement
    The Company will formulate, implement and maintain "Personal Information Protection Regulations" to ensure, through education and training, that company officials and all employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and to appropriately use and protect personal information. We shall periodically review, maintain and strive for the continuous improvement of the "Personal Information Protection Regulations".
  2. In order to continuously improve personal information protection activities, we shall establish a Personal Information Protection Committee and an organizational structure, and strive to protect personal information.
  3. The following items shall be considered to be of high priority with regard to the protection of personal information that concerns all business activities of the Company, and we shall exert our utmost effort in their effectuation.
    1. Collection, use, provision and deposit of personal information
      To ensure appropriate management of the business, the Company shall collect personal information while ensuring that the objective behind the collection and use of such information is clear; the Company shall establish a management system to promote the protection of personal information, and shall handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Regulations" when collecting, using, providing, or entrusting such personal information.
    2. Respect for rights of data subjects
      The Company shall respect the rights concerning personal information of data subjects, and if requested by the data subject to disclose, correct, delete, or decline the use or provision of their personal information, the Company shall comply with such a request to a reasonable extent in accordance with relevant laws and the "Personal Information Protection Regulations".
    3. Compliance with laws and regulations
      The Company shall strive to protect personal information through compliance with the requirements of personal information protection management systems (JIS Q 15001: 2006), various laws and regulations concerning personal information, and formulation of a compliance program for the protection of personal information, and the Company shall ensure the thorough protection of personal information through employee education and training, etc.
    4. Implementation of safety measures
      To ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the Company shall implement safety measures in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Regulations" and shall seek to rectify and prevent unauthorized access to, or loss, destruction, falsification, leakage etc., of the personal information.
    5. Access to personal information protection policy
      The Company will respond in good faith and promptly to inquiries and requests for disclosure etc., concerning personal information protection policy and personal information from customers.

Note: Under this policy, personal information concerning not only customers but also officials and employees of the company, shall be handled as specified above and in compliance with "Japanese laws, guidelines and other norms".

Purpose of use

The Company shall collect by lawful and appropriate means only personal information that is necessary for the purposes of conducting business. In addition to publicizing the overall purpose of use for personal information, when collecting personal information directly from the subject concerned, in some cases the Company will inform the subject concerned of the purpose of use for the information as well as the conditions, and seek consent of the subject concerned.


Personal information contained in manuscripts, photographs, etc., entrusted with the Company for the outsourced production of such printed materials as public relations magazines, rosters, business cards, etc., and the enveloping (and sealing) of printed materials shall not be used for any purposes falling outside the scope of the following items relating to entrusted work.

(a) Work related to production of printed materials and homepages entrusted from customers
(b) Delivery and shipping at the time of product delivery
(c) Collection of payments
(d) Information for customer management purposes
(e) Communication, confirmation etc., necessary for conducting business

Job applicants / Employees

(a) Employment screening of applicants who wish to join the Company
(b) Employee management and work correspondence with employees


  • To respond to requests such as to disclose personal data
  • For safety management of our facilities
  1. We shall use personal information of customers for administrative tasks such as correspondence, delivery and invoicing.
  2. With regard to work, entrusted to the Company, that contains personal information, such as printing, such personal information entrusted with the Company shall be used for carrying out work entrusted from customers. Moreover, it shall be assumed that the customer concerned has consented to that purpose of use for the personal information.
  3. We will not provide personal information entrusted with us to third parties.
  4. Personal information entrusted with the Company in the course of entrustment of work to the Company may be entrusted by the Company with the Company's partner companies.
  5. The Company will respond promptly, and as directed, to requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information from the subject concerned.

About disclosure, correction, deletion and suspension of the use or provision of personal information

The Company will respond promptly, and in accordance with laws, norms, and the regulations of the Company, to requests to disclose, correct, delete, or suspend the use or provision of relevant personal information, etc., from the subject concerned or an agent, and promptly undertake necessary measures.
In such cases, in order to prevent the unauthorized acquisition, falsification etc., of personal information by a third party, we may seek to confirm that the request is from the concerned data subject. We kindly ask for your cooperation. Moreover, the Company has established a customer consultation desk for inquiries concerning personal information.

Contact Information

Customer consultation desk Tel: +81-6-6676-1900
Personal information consultant: Masakatsu Hamada