Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

We seek to promote environmental conservation activities, the prevention of environmental pollution, and harmony with the Earth's environment through engagement where possible in a range of activities in order to reduce the environmental impact of business activities centered around printed material as an information transmission medium.

Behavioral Guidelines

We declare our commitment to take environmental conservation into consideration throughout our corporate activities, connect with the local community, and engage in the continuous improvement of the environment through business activities focused on conservation of the global environment and environment-related social contributions. We shall also seek to offer new value in answer to various customer needs and invest our energies in original local community activities.

Basic Policy

  1. We shall maintain and pursue the continuous improvement of an environmental management system to increase environmental performance that conforms with ISO 14001.
  2. We shall evaluate the environmental impact of our business activities and, in important areas, we shall establish environmental objectives and targets at each relevant level within the company to promote environmental activities, subject to technical and economic feasibility.
  3. Among the environmental impacts of our business activities, products and services, the following items shall be high-priority themes for environmental management. We shall establish our environmental objectives and targets in accordance with these themes and pursue reductions in environmental impact.
    1. We will promote energy saving and resource recycling.
    2. We will promote reducing waste matter through reduction of defective products, recycling of waste, etc.
    3. We will conduct activities that contribute to environmental conservation.
  4. We shall adhere to the relevant environmental laws and regulations and other requirements agreed to by our company.
  5. In order to promote environmental activities, we shall establish an environmental management system, and collaborate and cooperate with related affiliated companies and partner companies.
  6. We will endeavor to enhance environmental education in order to improve employee understanding and awareness of our environmental policy as well as the environmental improvement action plans executed by each department.
  7. We shall periodically perform management reviews and internal audits with a view to improving our environmental management system.
  8. We shall endeavor to preserve the surrounding environment as a member of the local community.
  9. We shall disclose this environmental policy at any time in response to external requests.

January 1, 2017 HOTARU, Ltd.
President Takashi Ariki