We seek to create websites that are both rich in visual expression and exceptional in usability.
We consider websites to be invaluable communication tools, and to this end our service encompasses not only the planning, design, implementation and system development of websites but also web updates and content management.


One Source Multi Use


At HOTARU we seek to further the possibilities of the web in assisting our customers' businesses while upholding our goal of facilitating effective communication.


From website construction to program development


At HOTARU we embrace the concept of One Source Multi Use. In our office, the technical writing team sit just a step away from the web development team and undertake projects in collaboration. For this reason, we are able to respond rapidly to your requests and inquiries.

Having both teams in-house allows us to the leverage the synergies of their seamless collaboration and offer enhanced work flow efficiency in conveying your information.

Proposing Solutions

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • We would like to be able to rapidly and efficiently convey information but are finding it difficult to transition from paper to web...
  • More than 5 years have passed since we launched our website... while web content has continued to grow we haven't been able to keep it organized, and users tell us it is hard to navigate the site
  • The outdated design of our website gives our company a poor impression... we would like to update the design...

Our company can provide the solutions to such concerns.

We understand and value the importance of earning the trust of our customers.

We seek to build a relationship of trust and a joint sense of direction with our customers while providing a wide range of information, goods and services that will assist our customers in realizing their corporate and marketing strategies.

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