Communication Design

Communication design which brings together people, things, and actions


The analytical and data-gathering strength to accurately uncover issues


Communication design is our specialty. Using technical communication expertise built up over many years, we provide total communication support based on a company's existing information for use, and how they plan to deploy it.

To provide such total communication support, we first perform effective data collection and analysis.

For example, we are able to analyze a million characters of text in a week and thoroughly analyze it--discovering the presence of typographical errors, inconsistent expressions, and areas where the wording could be made better.

Based on such effective analysis, we discover and clarify issues that need to be improved.

Our outstanding achievements in the field of communication design are made possible by our industry-leading data collection and analysis capabilities.


Proposing the best policies with an eye on the customer's goals


Need some kind of improvement, but don't know the best solution? We have been solving just that problem for a large number of customers, giving them the best solution available.

For example, if a customer has a manual that is hard to understand, and therefore the content is not being adequately transmitted to the target audience, we can offer the solution of thoroughly rewriting that content in an easy-to-understand manner.

If a customer has a manual with a large number of pages, and therefore the manual is not being read completely by the target audience, we can offer the solution of setting up a system of "Simple manuals" and "Web manuals", to make the content more accessible and easier to digest.

If a customer is finding that their manuals are too costly and time-consuming to produce, we can offer the solution of workflow improvement, allowing them to export manuals as PDF and HTML documents, from one source.

We can propose the most suitable solution to the problems in your company, looking at the problems from every angle possible, then offering solutions which make use of all available means.


Unique expertise built upon experience with multilingual manuals


The fact that we are able to offer communication design is simply because of the technological expertise we have built up thanks to our vast experience with multilingual document design.

Making full use of our network, which spans throughout Japan, China and Thailand, we have a proven record in multilingual document development a cut above other companies. We create and manage style guides, term glossaries, and translation memories in-house, and have the knowhow to deploy and make use of them most appropriately.

In addition, we have developed a number of original tools in-house for proofreading and reviewing.

At HOTARU, you'll find technological expertise you can depend on, enabling your company to partake in the benefits of high quality and efficient communication design.

We understand and value the importance of earning the trust of our customers.

We seek to build a relationship of trust and a joint sense of direction with our customers while providing a wide range of information, goods and services that will assist our customers in realizing their corporate and marketing strategies.

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